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Design – Flamingo Shop Serv has dedicated Mechanical and Pollutant  Storage Contractors on staff tasked with accentuating building footprints with the maximum amount of service bays and work space.   In addition, we take the time to create a dialogue with the end users in order to better understand their needs and operational challenges.  This interaction helps in determining the best placement for your shop equipment with efficiency and effectiveness, top of mind.  Once all the necessary information is obtained, a detailed CAD drawing is created with equipment placement best suited for your establishment.  Upon the customer’s acceptance, plans are drawn, permits are obtained and the installation process commences. (See Equipment Layout Drawing:  Example 1 and Example 2)

Installation – Our dedicated installation crews have over 200 major jobs under their belt.  If you believe in the old adage “Practice makes Perfect”, you need not look any further for the perfect company to entrust with your projects.  With over 25yrs of experience Flamingo Shop Serv installation crews have mastered their craft.  All of their work is pristine; straight lines, pinpoint accuracy and cleanliness are always at the forefront. When making a significant investment in your business you want to ensure you get the most return on your investment. (Pictures)

Retro-Fitting – As the years pass and technology continues to advance, some shops find themselves with antiquated equipment and in desperate need of a face lift.  Let us help you bring your shop to the 21st Century.  Our experienced team will work with you to ensure your shop meets the demands of today, while remaining in the price range you set.

Environmental Remediation – Environmental agencies have become much more stringent in their quest for a cleaner earth.  Unfortunately, “oil” is one of the contaminants that are abound in every shop. Flamingo Shop Serv has the expertise to perform proper remediation thereby giving any shop a clean bill of health. (Pictures)

Project Management – Every major job has a dedicated project manager assigned to ensure the highest level of quality and effort.  The project manager assigned to your job will make sure you are kept up to speed as your project progresses and will answer any questions you may have along the way.  We believe if we communicate with our customer throughout the installation process it practically guarantees a smooth completion.

Maintenance - Whether it be compressors, lube equipment or lifts; Flamingo Shop Serv will help maintain your equipment.  By having a reputable company regularly maintain your equipment, like Flamingo Shop Serv, you will increase your equipment life expectancy thereby reducing downtime and extending your depreciation schedule.

Repair – Our dedicated repair technicians are experienced and certified.  No job is too big or small.   All work is guaranteed for 90 days.  Unlike other repair companies, Flamingo Shop Serv is licensed and insured to give you peace of mind. (Pictures)

Inspections – Safety should always be a priority but unfortunately, it often gets neglected due to time constraints; Flamingo Shop Serv is your answer.  Our certified techs will go through every piece of equipment that requires inspection and give you a detailed report of our findings and suggestions. You may even be able to save a little on your liability insurance as a result. 

Financing – Flamingo Shop Serv has partnered with Pinnacle Leasing to provide a financing solution for those that seek it.  We have negotiated special pricing on our customer’s behalf.  Click on the link, fill out the form and let your worries rest.